You have worked hard to attain your level of affluence. Yet the prosperity that should afford you a carefree lifestyle can sometimes be overly demanding and require your constant attention. Complicating matters is the difficulty of preserving the peace and stability within your family while dealing with their individual personalities and personal needs. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With Lido’s assistance, a family office can be your key to managing the business of your wealth and family matters, leaving you more time to enjoy what is really important in your life.

Working with high net-worth individuals for more than 20 years, Lido executives have acquired an extensive network of resources and built key industry relationships to help families administer their legacy. Through a coordinated approach we offer objective information, sound advice and serve as a networking resource to guide you through the enormous complexities of administering to these details. Our experience enables us to assess your individual circumstances and recommend appropriate resources that can best benefit your family. Lido can help you with a variety of issues from determining when a family office is a cost-effective solution or developing a dedicated office that matches your individual needs, to estimating the on-going costs of maintaining a first-class operation and recruiting skilled, experienced professionals. We offer on-going education to help improve the skills and efficiency of your existing organization and can recommend new technologies and software solutions. We also can address security issues related to protecting your home, vehicles and family.

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A family office offers many advantages. The services of a professional staff that is dedicated and loyal to the family can be invaluable. A family office is also a useful mechanism for dealing with the human issues and conflicts that can threaten the preservation of a family. Lido Consulting can help your family decide if a family office is the right move for your situation or help you with the issues your family office might be dealing with now.

Families with substantial wealth have the ability to receive advice and services through a variety of sources. They can become a client of a financial institution providing a set of services that meet their needs, they can establish their own stand-alone family office, or even become a client of a multi-family office.

Individuals and families who establish family offices are often presented with the idea by one of their trusted advisors or by a friend who has a family office or is somewhat familiar with the concept. The questions that are most common are: What are the benefits of having a family office? What are the typical services? What amount of wealth is required before it is cost effective to establish a family office? What are the on-going costs of maintaining a first class family office? How do you set up and manage a family office successfully? We review these types of questions with each key family member and possible options are explored in depth.