Lido was founded on our enduring commitment to personalized attention and the ideals by which you expect: Integrity, Strict Confidentiality and Mutual Respect. We have the experience to assess what your needs may be and the practical knowledge to recommend the appropriate resources that can benefit you and your family.

Since its inception, Lido Consulting has earned a name for itself as a leading provider of objective, sound advice to affluent families and individuals. Consider Lido Consulting a focal point of reference for virtually any personal matter that needs your attention. Through our vast network of contacts we are able to harness the skills and knowledge of experienced professionals in a variety of industries. We can introduce you to qualified professionals that can:

  • Counsel you regarding philanthropy involvement
  • Provide arbitration in family matters
  • Organize family meetings & retreats
  • Appraise valuable art, jewelry and personal property
  • Sell or buy a luxury investment such as a yacht
  • Manage your family foundation
  • Provide executive coaching for you or your family members
  • Assist you in hiring reliable, qualified domestic help for your home.
  • We invite you to contact us today to discuss how Lido can simplify all areas of your personal life.