Lido Advisors utilizes experience, creativity and independence with the goal to grow, maximize and protect our client’s assets. Meeting and exceeding your wealth management goals is our passion and focus. Economic and market cycles, tax reform, and the unknown are not exceptions–they are constant considerations as well as potential opportunities. Our knowledge in various disciplines affords us the capability to analyze complex situations and develop practical solutions personalized for you, your family and/or business. The ultimate goal is the realization and protection of your legacy.

Planning for the known, as well as the unknown, are made possible by having both the knowledge and experience to be able to craft a strategy with the creativity to think through the various possibilities. By incorporating and embracing the areas of estate, tax and investment management, the family integrates the essential elements of these areas in one’s life that, if planned for, can make a measurable difference.

Think of us as your “Manager of Solutions.” As an independent investment advisor we are a fiduciary, accountable to you. Our team is connected and focused on strategy and the solutions needed to strive to reach your goals. We believe in having discipline to adhere to our strategy, yet remain proactive in response to ever-changing market conditions and opportunities with the goal of protecting and enhancing the client’s portfolio.

A part of our approach is having the discipline to implement a strategy and remain nimble to take advantage of potential opportunities as they present themselves. The main objective is to look beyond simple stock and bond allocations. Focusing on an alternative process gives us the potential ability to reduce risk while attempting to increase return and income, independent of the volatility in the stock market.

Qualitative and quantitative investments utilizing exchange traded funds, mutual funds and sometimes managers that buy individual stocks. The goal is to add value to the traditional stock allocation. The foundation is driven by asset allocation decisions, accentuating stocks with a certain geography or market capitalization. Considering economic cycles, momentum and fundamental drivers may reveal tactical opportunities that warrant investment consideration.

Proprietary investment strategy designed to provide exposure to equities with less risk than the stock market. Compared to the hedged fund-of-fund index, but with daily liquidity and the transparency of mutual funds. The goal is to reduce volatility and correlation amongst the funds with a strong oversight on beta and other statistical metrics.

Seeking both the potential for immediate income and/or a reduction in portfolio risk by using various fixed income strategies.
Through an open architecture platform, we have identified several managers that buy bonds in the marketplace and place them in our client accounts at institutional, vs. retail, pricing. We also utilize mutual funds and ETF’s to further diversify the fixed income allocation, sometimes in less volatile or opportunistic strategies that often control duration and credit risk.

Alternative assets are varied and may include lower correlation to broad market averages. The liquid alternatives often include mutual funds or ETF’s that invest in commodities, MLP’s, precious metals or other less correlated assets. The less liquid alternatives, or asset classes, that may be used include:

  • Mortgage related instruments
  • Equity oriented real estate office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Family
  • Hedging strategies
  • Structure notes
  • Mezzanine and Senior Debt

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