Lido understands that enabling you and your family to live a more carefree life depends on making wise judgments. With the right information and sound counseling you can easily make informed decisions and more importantly, understand the implications of your choices for you and your family. Because we fiercely believe that “knowledge is power,” Lido offers a variety of educational resources and programs strategically designed to guide you through the complexities and maximize the opportunities afforded to high net-worth individuals. We offer educational services such as:

• Family Office Conference – Held at one of Southern California’s premier resorts, the conference is packed with informative presentations, renowned industry speakers, noteworthy investment managers and amazing performances by world-class artists. The conference presents an ideal opportunity to discuss programs and issues which may be of concern for the coming new year. It also affords Lido’s clients the opportunity to meet and mingle with their family office peers in a fun and relaxing environment.

• Resource Networking – Our monthly family office luncheons provide you with an opportunity to meet and exchange management and investment ideas among your peers. During each luncheon a key industry professional reviews important topics of the day and discusses how the latest trends in the market will affect you and your family.