The first step on the path to freedom is making wise decisions. To get you started on your way, we provide you with the most appropriate resources so you know what options are available. Our expertise in various disciplines affords us the capability to analyze complex situations and develop practical solutions for your particular circumstances. With our counseling you can make informed decisions and understand the implications of your choices.

Lido’s services ultimately enable you to have more FREEDOM to enjoy what is really important in your life. In addition to providing you with KNOWLEDGE to make educated decisions, we offer SECURITY in knowing that we adhere to the strictest confidentiality. We have the EXPERIENCE to assess what your needs may be and the FLEXIBILITY to recommend appropriate resources that can benefit you and your family. Above all else, Lido maintains an enduring commitment to providing PERSONAL ATTENTION in addressing your situation and servicing the specialized needs of affluent families.

Over the last 20 years our experienced team of professionals have assembled an extensive network of industry relationships enabling us to serve as a catalyst on a wide range of information. We offer you objective, practical financial solutions and personal strategies that are specifically designed to make your life less complex. Whether you require counseling on how best to develop your family office, want to create a personalized investment strategy, or just need information on how the latest trends in the market will affect you and your family, you can count on us.

We invite you to discover how Lido can help you make the best decisions to effectively manage and grow your wealth.

Lido Consulting, Inc. was formed in 1995 to serve the Family Office Industry and high net-worth individuals. Lido Consulting is well known for organizing the Southern California Family Office Directors Association and its exclusive Family Office Conference held each fall.

Lido Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services for families with substantial wealth and resources to those responsible for the management of wealth. We are dedicated to offering customized assistance tailored to fit the specialized needs of prominent families.

Lido Consulting formed the Southern California Family Office Directors Association to facilitate the sharing of management and investment ideas among Family Offices.