• Our Mission

    For centuries, a long island reef called a lido separated the lagoon of Venice, Italy, from the tumultuous and destructive power of the Adriatic Sea. Throughout the years, its strength and endurance have protected the city, keeping the waters calm and peaceful. Much like our namesake, Lido works to protect its clients and keep them sailing through clear, untroubled waters. We invite you to discover how Lido’s services can provide knowledge, practical expertise and the resources to shelter you against any storm that may arise.

  • 10th Annual Family Office Investment Symposium

    Come join us on March 16-18, 2015 at The Loews Hotel in Santa Monica. Come here Jay Leno, General Keith Alexander, JB Bernstein, and many more speakers.  Register Here

    Consulting Services

    Lido Consulting offers a variety of services including the following:

  • Beyond Your Expectations
  • Family Office Management
  • Consulting Services
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